Monday, January 11, 2016

Jan 10 2016: transfers are no more

Oh so strange.

Monday 4th: We went shopping.. And that was a lovely thing. Got a text from the AP's... Saying that I will be joping (dying in thai) on March 15th.. Rather than.. 18th.. Only 3 days but what it felt strange. I used to always hear from friends on missions that they felt like they were never not a missionary. They were born one and will die one... And that is a true statement. unreal.

Tues: Way cool day. We sat down to teach one investigator at the church. And when we finished the lesson.. Another investo walked in... And than after that finished 2 more walked in... It just kept going. and going. And God is real. Also... Taught advanced english class.. which was a mistake I will never make again. Or i will just never teach grammar again. Even before learning thai i was just average at English..... But now... WOW. I had the class in uproar. NOT EVEN JOKING..... Everyone. A GERUND IS NOT A VERB IT IS A NOUN...... If you can remember this... Everything will be okay.

Wednesday: MLC! Oh today was TOOO good. Lots of fun big new things.... So in the middle of the meeting... President pulls down the projector... hits play on his laptop and then sits down... the video is of this very small meeting of seemingly important church leaders taking notes.. and one of the 70 explaining that it isn't necessary for missionaries to travel with companion when being transferred because they are in a public place..etc... And then he asks Elder Oaks to stand and validate/confirm what he said.. And then Elder Oaks stands up... And he might as well have been holding his judging hammer thing, wearing a powdery wig and addressed our mission by name! BUT he got up and said that transfer meetings are no longer part of missionary procedures... and down went his hammer and the thailand bangkok mission transfer meeting videos!! Hahaha So yes. you heard right. No more transfer meetings! Kinda sad.. But not really because I am beasically dead. And only have one of those anyways.. So I dont know how I will die.. Just peacefully step on to a plain! hahaha... The rest of the training was so good though. Working in unity with the members so important. And the other big change.... There is no longer any time restrain put on a person being baptized other than the standard of PMG... No more... have to go to church 2 weeks and quit smoking in 2 weeks.... I think this time frame was preventing a lot of missionaries from focusing on the actual needs of the investigators. So i am way excited to see the new change implemented. A lot more listening to the spirit and following preach my gospel.

Thurs: Had my "JOPing" meeting with all the sister in my group! And President and Sister Johnson.. Lots of good advice for having a plan before the badge comes off... We went around and trained the zone.. In Bang Khae and Thonburi! It was priceless when we told them about the no transfer meeting news..... We waiting till after we said the closing prayer... They were so shocked! Rem and I were so busy all day! We hadn't eaten anything since breakfast and only ha 15 minutes to be home before curfew... so we RAN to the mcdonalds for a chicken burger! Which turned out to be a giant chicken nugget slapped with mayo..... hahah fun fact about thailand... Mcdonalds is SO hi so here. But it tastes worse than america. khon thais literally flock to mcdonalds.... Sometimes I just laugh and think... hmm they should come check out the mcD's in taylorsville... or kearns! haha

Frid: Switch off with Sister Bee from Laos! It was so fun to be with her and catch on to her greenie fire! We had a big and busy day. A high light of asoke came at the end of the day.. when E rich (a lovely member in the asoke ward) came up to me and told me she really liked my watch and that she wanted me to give it to her for her birthday next year and to not shower in it... hahaha love her! I will send a pic. she is glorious and famous in the mish. I truly love her. 

Sataaaday: Another international day of teaching.. Taught our chinese investo Fu Hong. Oh that was funny. We got into this weird habit of saying the word cleanse sin in chinese and the rest in english... so it was like "fu hong we will be having a SHEE SHO on the 31st...... willl you prepare yourself to SHEE SHO on that day?? haha too good. And that evening..... We went Sunil and Huma's house... Lovely pakistani family. So nice............ I dont remember if you all remember what happened last time I went to a pakistani house............ I got so sick.... the worst food sick i had been on my mission........ So huma so sweet.. Goes into her kitchen... and comes out with the SAME DISH that i had had at the time before...... I for real said a prayer before every bite. Oh.... I felt horrible after...... but thank goodness they didnt force me to eat anymore. And i think it is now official. I am allerigic to pakistani food. 

Sunday: Happy Birthday Elder Paxton! He is 20... Wow weird. Found out im the oldest one in my district. hmm. It was a good sunday. Our awesome investigators Watermelon and chicken egg came..... Watermelon's hair made everyone jealous. :) Finished the evening eating cake at the granges! Asoke is good.

 58 For the names of the righteous shall be written in the book of life, and unto them will I grant an inheritance at my right hand. And now, my brethren, what have ye to say against this? I say unto you, if ye speak against it, it matters not, for the word of God must be fulfilled.

Found this gem this morning. I really like it too! The book of life! Ohhh... sounds cool. At the beginning of my mission I had a really cool missionary tell me that God doesn't count all the people we don't invite.. but all the people we do. Therefore inspiring me to invite that many more people. The same concept can be applied with our mistakes. Heavenly father doesn't count all the times we messed up.. but all the times we rose up and did better. All the times we did works of righteousness. And I really know that to be true. Heavenly Father forgets and forgives our sins as soon as soon as we humble our selves and repent. This verse makes me want to go fill my book of life with so much good. :)

Heavenly Father is good.
I love being a missionary. 

Sister Coates

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